Our company Passiflorasas exports his product in the Usa market for over ten years.

At the beginning of 2013 we created a quality and sorting control base in Miami, that became our shipment point of entry. Our good is daily take delivery in this place from our staff that check every single box, the products are carefully put in the water inside a refrigerated rooms overnight where the product can reinvigorate.

In this way the flowers don't be suffer for the stressfull long travel situation.

After this phase every single box will be repacked and the damaged goods during the travel are replaced

From our evaluation during the travel about the 10/15% of the product arrives at destination not compliant, so we send about the 15% more for every order to get the possibility to our customers to change the bad product before the arrival

This is what we usually do for our customer satisfaction in order to have a fresh and well packaged product

In this way we have grown every year and we believe in the possibility to grow more because every satisfied customer is for us a source of proud

We have a selection of various products from cut flowers to ornamental plants, but it is our choice offer a very selected products; we prefer offer quality products rather than quantity.

We sell seasonal items and we always offer a good variety of products. You will find all the usefull information on our website to evaluate our work quality, every single question on our site will be a way to improve our work and have a good results each others.

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